OLE DB Provider for ORF Logs

Deprecated Tool

This tool is no longer being maintained and may not be working as intended. The contents of this page may not be relevant and links may not work. Thank you for your understanding.

OLE DB Provider Package

What is this?

This software allows easy and fast processing of ORF Text Log files for e.g. generating reports or importing them into SQL databases.

How does it work?

The provider parses the logs and turns them into database tables that can be used from ADO or ADO.NET. Technically, this is an OLE DB database provider that specializes in parsing ORF log files.

The intended audience of this package are software developers and database administrators with knowledge of ADO and/or data transformation.


OLE DB Provider for ORF Log Files (v1.5)
vslogprovider-1.5.zip / 440kB / June 18, 2008
Vamsoft OLE DB Provider for ORF Log Files
Developer's Manual
readme.pdf / 105kB / June 18, 2008
Developer's Manual (also included in the above package)

Technology Demo: Web Reports

This technology demo (with full source code) shows how the above provider can be used to import the ORF logs into a SQL database to display the email filtering activity to the end users, almost in real-time.

Technically, the demo consists of two components. The first is a Windows service that imports the ORF logs to an SQL database periodically. The second one is an ASP.NET website, which uses integrated Windows authentication to identify the user and display only the logs that belong to that user, based on his/her email address.

Web Reports Demo (1.2)
orfwebreports-1.2.zip / 115kB / November 9, 2009
Technology demo: Web Reports
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