Backscatter Protection Agent

What is this?

An External Agent for ORF that improves ORF with backscatter detection (requires ORF 2.1 or newer).

What is backscatter?

Backscatter (or "reverse NDR") attacks occur when a spammer sends large amounts of email in the name of your domain and your email server gets bombed by bounce reports (also called DSNs or NDRs) from legitimate servers.

For more information, read our related article.


Backscatter Protection Agent 1.1 / 198kB / February 21, 2011
Agent installation package. Includes the Installation Guide.
Installation Guide
readme.pdf / 95kB / February 21, 2011
General information and installation instructions.

Change log

  • Version 1.1: Fixes a problem that causes the agent to report an error when processing emails with certain character encodings.


To update your version 1.0 agent, just overwrite your current backscatteragent.exe binary with the version 1.1 binary.

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