Feature Requests

Recipient Validation to Support Multiple LDAP Paths

| Last activity: 8 years ago
Currently, only a single LDAP path could be set for the Active Directory-based Recipient Validation feature, so ORF can query the valid recipient list from a single Active Directory only. This improvement would allow ORF users with multiple Active Directories to take advantage of the Recipient Validation test without importing the valid recipient addresses into an SQL database or text file from each Active Directory periodically.

Auto Sender Whitelisting Entire Domains

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Enabling this option would whitelist emails not only from recipients of outgoing emails recorded in the Auto Sender Whitelist database, but from all addresses in their domains. This might cause problems if the recorded sender uses a free email provider (like Gmail, YahooMail or Hotmail), so to avoid whitelisting such domains, there would be a domain exception list.

New Action - Send Copy To

| Last activity: 4 years ago
A new option to allow blacklisted emails to be delivered to the recipient's mailbox, but a copy of each would be delivered to a separate mailbox as well. This could be useful if the administrator would like to review blacklisted emails, but have them delivered to the intended recipient at the same time, so they don't miss any important emails in case of false positives. Tagging the subject or the header would still be possible, so blacklisted emails could be redirected to the recipients' Junk folder. This action would be an alternative to simply redirecting the email (where the original recipient does not receive the email).

RHSBL Support

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Add support for filtering based on RHSBL-type blacklists in ORF, such as rhsbl.ahbl.org.
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