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Orf 5 changes

FAQ: Licensing & Transition

What is the difference between Fusion and Fusion for SBS?

Both products offer the same, full range of features and services. They are different in their licensing model: ORF Fusion is licensed per user (with unlimited servers). ORF Fusion for SBS is licensed per server and will run on Windows Small Business Server only.

What counts as a 'user' for Fusion?

A user is defined as an actual person who has access to one or more mailboxes filtered by ORF. For example, if your organization has 500 employees, but only 25 have company email access, you will need 25 licenses only.

The number of mailboxes does not affect licensing. In the above example, if you have more than 25 (or less than 25) mailboxes, you would still need 25 licenses, because that is the number of actual persons accessing email filtered by ORF.

Determining the number of actual persons using ORF services could be difficult if you provide email filtering for other organizations (e.g. hosted email service, SaaS, etc.). If this applies to you, please see this article.

Employees come and go. How do I keep up with the changes?

This is indeed a painful aspect of per user licensing. We do the following to lessen the administrative overhead:

  • You can buy extra license seats any time. You do not have to hurry, though—the minimum order quantity is 10 licenses, so there is no need (or way) to extend your coverage unless you need at least 10 new user licenses.
    Also, ORF will filter emails for the new users— extend your coverage when you are ready to catch up with the changes.
  • You can also reduce the licensed user count by buying fewer SMAs at the annual renewal. For accordingly less money, of course.

How many servers are covered by Fusion?

You can use ORF Fusion on any number of servers that belong to your organization, including subsidiaries. For example, a 10,000-user license will allow the use of ORF Fusion on just one server or 10 servers, as long as they all belong to your organization.

How many users Fusion for SBS will cover?

All of them, because ORF Fusion for SBS is licensed per server. In this licensing model, you will need as many licenses as the number of servers you deploy ORF to, regardless of the number of users.

How do I buy more than 1,000 Fusion SMAs?

We will be happy to provide you with a custom quote. You can have our sales team contact you, or you can contact our sales team as your schedule allows.

I am an ASP/ISP/hosting provider. Do you provide site licenses?

There is no site license construct available for ORF Fusion right now, but we are happy to work out a great deal for you that adapts to your business model. You can have our sales team contact you, or you can contact our sales team as your schedule allows.

Are educational/non-profit discounts available?

Yes, discounts are available for educational/academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact us with your proof of educational/non-profit status to see if you qualify.

Can I still get ORF Enterprise Edition or renew my EE SMA?

No, we no longer sell ORF Enterprise Edition or its SMA. The successors of Enterprise Edition are ORF Fusion and ORF Fusion for SBS.

FAQ: Technical

Can I update my ORF X.X with Fusion?

Yes. ORF Fusion and Fusion for SBS is fully backward compatible. Your settings will be transferred to the new version. Be sure to follow the instructions of the Upgrade Guide.

How did the system requirements change?

ORF now requires at least Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. There are no further changes in this respect. Check the current system requirements in this Knowledge Base article.

Can I install Fusion on Windows Small Business Server?

Yes. If the ORF Fusion turns out to be the better deal for you, feel free to choose that. If you have 31 users or less, Fusion will cost less than Fusion for SBS.

Can I install Fusion for SBS on non-SBS servers?

No, it is not possible to install Fusion for SBS on a non-SBS server. This limitation is technically enforced.

FAQ: General Questions

How does ORF compare now to the competition?

ORF has always been the best value product on the market and that did not change. We formulated our pricing and licensing policy to directly beat competitor pricing and to eliminate the annoying (and expensive) hidden charges found elsewhere. Here is a breakdown on how we do it better:

  • Pricing: ORF licenses and Software Maintenance Agreements cost less than any of the major competing product licenses.
  • Performance: No other product achieved 0% false positive rate 5 times in the VBSpam test series - ORF did that with an excellent spam catch rate and with a rather basic configuration (that we barely touched during the testing).
  • TCO: When configuration does have to be touched, ORF goes into great lengths to help the administrator. The intuitive UI of ORF saves administration time.
  • No Hidden Charge: Fusion's 'per-user' license is per actual person benefiting ORF. Most competing products are licensed per mailbox or define 'users' otherwise.
  • No Hidden Charge: Fusion can be installed on any number of servers. Competitors usually require additional licenses for multiple servers.
  • No Hidden Charge: Our technical support is available even with an expired SMA. Most competitors require you to go through lengthy identification processes and charge a hefty price for their help if your SMA has expired.
  • No Hidden Charge: You can let your SMA expire and renew it later with no penalties.
  • Return Policy: We offer a 90 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee for ORF Fusion and Fusion for SBS licenses.

Why didn't you add feature "X" instead?

Before we started designing ORF 5, we sifted through literally thousands of technical support cases. In the vast majority of the performance issue cases, we have found that ORF could have performed better, but was poorly configured. The scope of this issue was alarmingly widespread.

In ORF 5, we targeted this problem from multiple angles. Amongst others, we improved the user interface, added a configuration wizard and updated our documentation which is now readily linked from where you need it the most.

The price paid for creating the same overall great experience throughout ORF was that we had to schedule certain developments for later. Do not worry though, we hear you and eventually get to add Feature X.

Why did you make ORF Fusion licensed per user?

Indeed, per user licensing adds more complexity and may change the price tag. Such changes are rarely welcome, but we believe the new per-user policy will enable us to make your life easier by improving ORF performance, adding features, shipping new versions faster and improving our services for you.

The new licensing model is also fairer, because ORF generates vastly different value for a 10-person small family business than for a 10,000-person company, so to be the same bargain for everyone, prices need to adapt to the business size.

Where do I get more information?

Contact our Customer Service, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.