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ORF 5.1 Change Log

Article was last updated on June 4, 2013. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 5.1 compared to the previous 5.0 release.

Changes in version ORF 5.1

  • NEW: Microsoft® Exchange 2013 Support
    ORF now can be used with Microsoft® Exchange 2013 on both the Client Access server and the Mailbox server roles.
  • NEW: Session timeout prevention in the ORF Log Viewer and ORF Reporting Tool
    In ORF 5, if the Log Viewer or the Reporting Tool was connected to a remote ORF instance and left unattended for more than 24 hours, the session has timed out, as the login ticket has expired. Now they keep the session alive.
  • NEW: Fixed items are now shown on the Intermediate Host List
    Intranet IP address ranges are treated as Intermediate Hosts by default to avoid blacklisting internal and outgoing emails. In previous ORF versions, these ranges were not visible in the Administration Tool, which was confusing for new ORF users. Now these ranges are visible as non-editable items.
  • NEW: Reverse DNS lookup in the ORF Log Viewer
    Now the Log Viewer supports looking up the PTR record (Reverse DNS lookup) of any logged IP address (Event View).
  • NEW: IDNA support in the URL harvester engine
    The URL harvester component is responsible for detecting, decoding, prioritizing and sorting URL payloads in spam, such as web links and email address domains. The domain names harvested from URLs are checked against online blacklists (SURBLs) to see if they are associated with spam. The URL Harvester now supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNA), so ORF is now able to to discover and lookup domain names written in alphabets and scripts like Cyrillic, Japanese or Hebrew.
  • IMPROVED: Updated Second-level Domain List (SLD)
    The built-in Second-level Domain List (SLD) of ORF has been updated.
  • NEW: Browser-style navigation in the Administration Tool
    New keyboard shortcuts have been implemented in the Administration Tool, so now it is possible to navigate through pages back and forward by pressing the the Alt + Left Arrow / Alt + Right Arrow keys or Backspace / Shift + Backspace, as in any browser. This also supports the back and forward buttons you may have on your keyboard.
  • IMPROVED: Log Viewer now copies data in Unicode format
    The Copy Cell feature of the ORF Log Viewer now copies data in Unicode format instead of ANSI.
  • IMPROVED: Now all ORF binaries are signed digitally
    To prevent forgery or tampering, sotware publishers often sign their binaries digitally with Authenticode. Some of the binaries of ORF (namely the ones written in .NET) were not signed in previous ORF versions to avoid possible problems. Now these problems have been worked around.
  • IMPROVED: Setup now checks if Internet Explorer 6 or later is installed
    Though the minimum system requirements indicate that Internet Explorer 6 or newer version is required by ORF, this requirement was not enforced technically, so ORF could be installed on servers with earlier Internet Explorer versions, but could not function properly. Now the setup checks the IE version and ORF refuses to install if the version requirement is not met.
    All known bugs fixed.

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