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ORF 6.8 Change Log

Article was last updated on April 3, 2023. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 6.8 compared to the previous 6.7 release.

Changes in version ORF 6.8

  • NEW: Plus Addressing
    ORF now supports plus addressing, aka. subaddressing or detailed addressing (e.g. [email protected]), and can properly filter and validate recipient addresses containing plus tags.
  • NEW: Administration Tool - Plus Address Filtering
    Create a list of filter expressions to manage plus tags in the recipient addresses of incoming emails.
  • NEW: Administration Tool - Plus Address Action
    Add a plus tag to the recipient addresses of blacklisted emails.
  • NEW: SQL logging
    ORF now supports real-time logging to SQL databases.
  • NEW: Log Viewer - Display SQL logs
    Load SQL logs directly from an SQL Server and display them in the Log Viewer.
  • NEW: Log Viewer - View a specific date range
    This new option allows you to load logs generated during a specified period.
  • IMPROVED: Database connection test messages
    Error messages that may appear when testing the external database connection now include additional details and suggestions.
  • IMPROVED: Log Viewer - Log exports
    CSV log exports are now saved with a header and can be read by the Log Viewer.
  • CHANGE: Log Viewer - Column name and content change
    The "Related IP" column has been renamed to "Sender IP" and now displays the IP address of the SMTP host that delivered the email to your organization's network. The related Event Log View help page now has the explanation of each column.
  • CHANGE: Configuration file format
    Most of the ORF configuration data is now stored in XML files.
  • BUGFIX: DMARC Test - Header parsing errors
    When set to find domains in the "display name" section of the From header:
    • The local-part of email addresses was not ignored.
    • The "display name" content was not properly decoded.
  • BUGFIX: Log Viewer - UI errors in multi-server mode
    Some user interface elements did not work properly when the Log Viewer was connected to multiple servers:
    • Clicking the Load, Refresh, Send and Quick Send dropdown elements on the toolbar triggered errors.
    • After filtering logs, the Export, Send and Quick Send controls became disabled.
  • BUGFIX: Log Viewer - Saving exports to remote file systems does not work
    Log exports could not be saved to the remotely managed ORF server.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect "ARC-Authentication-Results" in the message header
    In rare cases, due to a memory allocation error, the ARC-Authentication-Results header included incorrect email details.
  • BUGFIX: PowerLog pre-processing error
    Powerlog corruption could cause unexpected service halts during file pre-processing.
  • BUGFIX: Unicode encoding issues
    All known unicode encoding and display errors have been fixed.
  • Other minor fixes and user interface improvements.

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