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ORF 6.8.3 Change Log

Article was last updated on July 26, 2023. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 6.8.3 compared to the previous 6.8.2 release.

Changes in version ORF 6.8.3

  • CHANGE: Pending Submissions queue now accepts rejected items
    The Pending Submissions queue has been updated to allow resending of rejected items from the Log Viewer without the need to save the ORF configuration beforehand.
  • BUGFIX: DKIM invalid body length error
    Regardless of the value specified in the "l=" tag of the DKIM-Signature header, ORF incorrectly treated the "l=" tag as invalid.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect remote control submission
    Entries sent from the Log Viewer to the HELO Domain Blacklist with a subdomain search scope were incorrectly added to the configuration as wildcard expressions instead of regular expressions.
  • BUGFIX: Log Viewer fixes
    Multiple issues have been resolved:
    • UTF8 encoded email subject lines and attachment names were sometimes inaccurately logged.
    • In certain cases, the details of the configured SQL server were not displayed on the dashboard screen.
    • Manual file loading and drag & drop functionality did not work when connected to multiple servers.
    • Closing the log files did not properly reset the configured date range.
    • The toolbar section displayed the wrong log source when multiple files were loaded.
    • Status bar details and other minor display issues have been fixed.

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