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ORF 5.5 Change Log

Article was last updated on July 3, 2019. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 5.5 compared to the previous 5.4.1 release.

Changes in version ORF 5.5

  • NEW: Multi-server support in the Log Viewer
    The Log Viewer can now connect to multiple ORF instances at the same time, so you may browse and filter logs from all your ORF servers simultaneously.
  • NEW: Filtering inside compressed attachments
    The Attachment Filter can now perform recursive checks in compressed (Zip) files. Password protected archives are treated according to user-defined policy.
  • NEW: Attachment filtering based on file size
    You may now set a per-expression file size limit for each attachment filter expression.
  • NEW: Option to blacklist emails sent to disabled accounts
    A new Recipient Validation option has been added to allow the blacklisting of emails sent to email addresses associated with disabled Active Directory accounts.
  • NEW: List item control
    All blacklist and whitelist entries can now be enabled or disabled selectively.
  • IMPROVED: Attachment Quarantine
    Removed attachments are now saved with a .quarantine extension to prevent the accidental execution of malicious files.
  • IMPROVED: Email header tagging
    The name of the blacklist test that triggers the filtering action can now be included into the header tag.
  • IMPROVED: Remote management
    When the ORF service shuts down or is restarted, any remotely connected Administration Tool will now disconnect automatically.

Applies To

The article above applies to the following products and versions:

  • ORF 6.5
  • ORF 6.4
  • ORF 6.3
  • ORF 6.2.1
  • ORF 6.2
  • ORF 6.1.1
  • ORF 6.1
  • ORF 6.0.1
  • ORF 6.0
  • ORF 5.5.1
  • ORF 5.5
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