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Dear ORF Users,

The latest of ORF 5 Preview is posted on the ORF blog. This week's topic: Configuration Synchronization. Read more at: http://bit.ly/glmRxV

Kind regards,

Andras Sudy
ORF Business Development
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by Andras Sudy (ORF Team) 8 years ago


Config sync is great idea. once you got this function I'll talk to my management to focus on ORF for our enterprise infrastructure.

questions regarding new Config Sync in ver. 5:
1) does it mean that auto-whitelist (populated using outgoing mails) can be replicated across organization?
2) graylisting database - will it be available for sync?

by Evgeniy 8 years ago

@Evgeniy: 1-2) Actually, this is already possible since version 4.0 (http://blog.vamsoft.com/2007/04/04/orf-40-database-changes/): the same Auto Sender Whitelist and Greylisting databases can already be used by multiple ORF instances if you setup an external SQL database for both and configure the ORF instances to use the same database (see our guides regarding this at http://www.vamsoft.com/dbguides.asp).

The configuration synchronization feature will not replicate the database contents along with the "main" configuration if the embedded database engine is used for the ASWL and Greylisting features (Private Local database option), so you will definitely have to use SQL for this.

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
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