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We are happy to announce the first public preview of ORF 6.6. Learn more on the beta site:

by Greg Pósa (Vamsoft) 11 months ago

Thanks for posting the info. :) Some cool new features

by NorbertFe 11 months ago

First question, which priority should the new transport agent have. right after the other 2 agents, or does it need to run at least priority?

by NorbertFe 11 months ago

@NorbertFe: By default the new transport agent is installed with the lowest priority. So when you run the "Get-TransportAgent" command in EMS after the update, the "Vamsoft ORF Inbound Signing Agent" should be the last one on the transport agent list. As the name implies, this agent signs inbound emails only, unlike DKIM which signs outbound messages. If you have a DKIM Signing agent too, the two agents will not interfere with each other, but I would still recommend leaving the new ORF transport agent at the last place.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 11 months ago
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Hi Daniel,

thanks for the info.

by NorbertFe 11 months ago

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