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The first release of ORF 6.2 Beta is now available for testing. Visit the beta site for details:

by Greg Pósa (Vamsoft) 11 months ago

Hi Greg,

thanks for the info. Just installed the new beta onto one system. Finally there's a way to move the transport agents in their priority. :)
I'm struggling to find some mentioned features:
Result-based actions for the SPF and DKIM tests
can someone elaborate a bit?
I guess removing the filtering point from the UI has a supporting background, but is there any way to see what this "automatic" does? :)


by NorbertFe 11 months ago

Do you have a timeline for final release of 6.2? Keen to see these facilities on our live system.

by SteveC 10 months ago

@SteveC: Hello SteveC,

ORF 6.2 is coming next week. Stay tuned :)

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 10 months ago
(in reply to this post)


Excellent news. Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes.

by SteveC 10 months ago

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