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All our incoming emails comming throught the ORF filter are being marked with "error" in the severity colunm (ie where it normally says "pass" or "blacklisted", etc... I cannot therefore see which emails are being let through and which are blacklisted!! Can anyone let me know what the problem could be.

Thank you.


by Robert Ferguson-Grande 9 years ago

What is the exact error message in the last (Message) column for these entries? You may need to scroll right to see it in the Log Viewer, or you can simply double-click an entry to see it.

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago

Hi There

The message is:

Error validating the recipient "[email protected]" (source: Active Directory). Could not bind to path "LDAP://DC=servername,DC=local". Exception EOleException, message: "The authentication mechanism is unknown".

Kind regards

by Robert Ferguson-Grande 9 years ago

Thank you. This error message usually indicates that ORF could not query the list of valid recipients from the Active Directory (which is used for the Recipient Validation test), because it does not have the proper authentication information defined. In other words, your AD server requires authentication, but the required credentials are not set in ORF. When such error occurs, ORF simply skips the Recipient Validation tests and proceeds with the rest.

To fix this, you should set the correct credentials:

1. Start the ORF Administration Tool
2. Expand Configuration / Tests / Recipient Validation
3. Click "Configure selected" under "Validation source: Microsoft Active Directory"
4. Click the Authentication tab and make sure both the user name and password are correct. Note that your AD server may require the user name in format DOMAIN\username or [email protected]
5. Click OK
6. Save your settings to apply the configuration changes (by pressing Ctrl +S).

After the change, please monitor the ORF logs using the Log Viewer to make sure the problem is fixed and the errors are gone.

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago

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