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I have a question about new licensing.
I understand that we have to purchase an annual subscription per active users, but I do not understand what should we do if we will have several new users in the middle of our subscription for example. Should we wait for the end of subscription and then just buy a new subscription for more active users? But will ORF work for all of our users till the end of old subscription?
Or we should purchase some additional licenses for our current subscription just right after a new user appears?

by adm.ivn 1 year ago


maybe this does help:

How do I keep up with the user count changes?
This could be indeed challenging. We do the following to lessen the administrative overhead:

You can buy extra license seats any time. You do not have to hurry, though—the minimum order quantity is 10 licenses, so there is no need (or way) to extend your coverage unless you need at least 10 new user licenses .
Also, ORF will filter emails for the new users— extend your coverage when you are ready to catch up with the changes.
You can also reduce the licensed user count at the annual subscription renewal.

by NorbertFe 1 year ago

Hello adm.ivn,

The user count can be increased anytime* by purchasing additional ORF subscription via our Client Portal. Note that ORF will continue to filter emails for all users, even for non-licensed ones, so you do not have to worry about buying the extra seats before you onboard new employees - though, you have to catch up when you are ready. You can lower the licensed user count when you renew your subscription.

* Currently this feature is not available on our website due to some technical issues, but it should be available again soon.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago

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