vamsoft service cannot start after a power trip RSS


starting the service says : The operation failed. Please check the Windows Event Log.

smtp agent status = ok healthy. installed and enabled
Routing agent status = ok healthy. installed and enabled

I've uninstalled and reinstalled (retaining configuration and data)

Windows Error Logs show
The ORF Service service entered the stopped state. event 7036

by christopher.low 1 month ago

nevermind.I managed to fix it. i suspect some corruption.

a) make a backup of the configuration
b) full uninstall including removal of data/configuration
c) remove all opg and log files from the old folder. nothing in that folder except my backup .bat file
d) install orf
e) run orf with basic configuration everything works. it can start the service. stop orf service
f) copy back

run the administration tool. start service. everything is back to normal. (except autosender whitelists etc are all gone)

by christopher.low 1 month ago

@christopher.low: Hello Chris,

Thank you for the update. I have just replied to your email, but I am glad too see you managed to resolve the issue on your own. Most probably some of the ORF files (e.g. plogrefs.dat, orfent.ini) got corrupted during the power outage that you mentioned.

For future reference, if you need to do a full backup, its best if you save the files listed in our Configuration Backup Guide so you can restore the whitelist/blacklist database files as well:

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 month ago
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@Daniel Novak (Vamsoft): thanks. I actually exported whitelist/blacklist/whitelist keywords/blacklist keywords . i imported them in then i tested the new installation. then i overwrote with the .ini files for the rest of the config.

so I didn't lose anything in configuration I think

by christopher.low 1 month ago
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@christopher.low: The orfent.ini file contains all of the (manual) blacklist, whitelist and exception list entries as well as the filtering related settings, while the private local database files (with the *.abs extension) store the dynamically built list data (i.e. Greylisting, Auto Sender Whitelist, DHA Protection, Honeypot). In other words, the orfent.ini file is probably the most important that you want to save in these situations, the .abs files are rebuilt automatically. I am quite sure have not lost anything critical :)

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 month ago
(in reply to this post)

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