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ORF 6.0 Beta R04 fixes a major bug that was found in the last beta release and improves the overall filtering performance of ORF. Learn more and download from:

Thank you for testing ORF.

by Greg Pósa (Vamsoft) 2 months ago

Hi Greg,

thanks for posting the new version so soon. Great work and thanks to the team. :)
Just installed the new R04 and looking good so far.


by NorbertFe 2 months ago

I installed ORF 6.0 R04 beta on Windows Server 2019 (without the Desktop Experience) running Exchange 2019 Edge Transport role. When I try to run orfeeadm.exe, I get "Runtime error 217 at 00415C6D".

Of course, I expected this to fail since ORF still requires a GUI. But, are there any plans to support this scenario: Server "core" running Edge Transport? This is an ideal use-case for ORF.

Please don't make us install the Desktop Experience on our servers!

by aeleus 2 months ago

@aeleus: Hello aeleus,

We are actually planning to add "core" support to the ORF management tools, however only in a later update, not in version 6.0 I am afraid. It will most probably be included in a minor release in Q2 2019.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 months ago
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@Daniel Novak (Vamsoft): Thanks for the quick response, Daniel. That's great to hear.

Just to clarify. You say you "are actually planning to add "core" support to the ORF management tools". Does this mean that is the only "missing" piece? Will you also support the ORF Service running on "core"?

When I ran orf-6.0-beta-r4.exe on Server 2019 core, it produced an error (Runtime error at 004145C9) while "Installing the ORF Service". It seemed to complete all the other installation tasks. The files are all in the "ORF Fusion" folder, but the service was not installed.

by aeleus 2 months ago
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@aeleus: Hello aeleus,

The ORF service cannot be installed on servers that are running in Server Core mode - even if you have an SMTP or Exchange server installed. The reason why we have not added "core" support to ORF yet is because server core installations were simply not supported by any of the Exchange roles before Exchange Server 2019 (and the IIS SMTP Server feature is not available on server core installation anymore). That said, we do plan to support Windows Server 2019 Server Core installations, so you will be able to run the ORF service on your server, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 months ago
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@Daniel Novak (Vamsoft): Thank you for the clarification, Daniel. That all makes sense and is reasonable.

If it helps with priorities, I work with a lot of customers that are moving as fast as they can to core installations and even containers when possible. They are looking for solutions that work under those models first. I consider ORF's ability to filter email "before receiving" it a real advantage over other solutions. It would be great to continue suggesting ORF for these customers.

by aeleus 2 months ago
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