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Is there a way to whitelist certain domains post-spf? In other words, the email is checked for valid spf and then I have a list of domains (, for instance) that would skip further test?

by chris.schmidt2 2 years ago

Hello Chris,

I am afraid there isn't. Currently, there is no SPF Whitelist in ORF, but I think there is a good chance will add this in an upcoming release. Thank you for bringing this up.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago

Thank you!

by chris.schmidt2 2 years ago

For now, I've simply added a keyword header whitelist. If the message makes it past the SPF check and finds "X-AMAZON-MAIL-RELAY-TYPE" as a header, I whitelist it. I'm actually working on an agent that will do more checking, though, making sure that if a message contains "X-AMAZON-MAIL-RELAY-TYPE", it actually came from amazon. Ebay, PayPal, etc. all have an x-header that can be checked against spf.

by chris.schmidt2 2 years ago

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