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Is there a way to whitelist certain domains post-spf? In other words, the email is checked for valid spf and then I have a list of domains (, for instance) that would skip further test?

by chris.schmidt2 11 months ago

Hello Chris,

I am afraid there isn't. Currently, there is no SPF Whitelist in ORF, but I think there is a good chance will add this in an upcoming release. Thank you for bringing this up.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 11 months ago

Thank you!

by chris.schmidt2 11 months ago

For now, I've simply added a keyword header whitelist. If the message makes it past the SPF check and finds "X-AMAZON-MAIL-RELAY-TYPE" as a header, I whitelist it. I'm actually working on an agent that will do more checking, though, making sure that if a message contains "X-AMAZON-MAIL-RELAY-TYPE", it actually came from amazon. Ebay, PayPal, etc. all have an x-header that can be checked against spf.

by chris.schmidt2 11 months ago

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