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We are Migrating away from an on-premise Exchange server and are moving to Office 365.
We have been using ORF (ORFEE) from version 1 back when it was the only option out there and have many rules setup.

Is there a way without having an On-Premise Server to take advantage of ORF in a Office 365 Environment?


by scooter133 1 year ago

@scooter133: Hello scooter133,

I am afraid there isn't. ORF supports on-premises Exchange (and IIS SMTP) installations only. That said, you could still use ORF in a hybrid configuration (i.e. on-premises Exchange/SMTP + Office 365). In fact, some of our clients have been using it this way without any issues – even with non-Microsoft products (see:

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago
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afaik this needs to be configured within a hybrid configuration, which means you still need a local Exchange server. Have a look at:

by NorbertFe 12 months ago

Since we are trying to make our systems more fault tolerant, we do not want a Hybrid System with an on-Premise Edge Transport. We have several offices and we lost the Head end Office in a Fire and didn't have the ability to receive mail.

I'm sure I could fire up a Hybrid Exchange 'on-Premise' server in Azure, though its another server to maintain.

I'm really going to Miss ORF... we have been together for sooooo long...

by scooter133 12 months ago

Indeed, you have been a client of us since the beginning and we appreciate it much :) In case you change your mind, I just want to let you know that your ORF installation will continue to function without any restrictions even after the SMA expires. Let me know if you have further questions and thank you for being a client of us for such a long time.


by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 12 months ago

@scooter133: I'm sure I could fire up a Hybrid Exchange 'on-Premise' server in Azure, though its another server to maintain.

Is this a supported scenario?
Setting up multiple Edgeservers in multiple Offices could be a solution, but I guess thats not making it less complex. ;)


by NorbertFe 11 months ago
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@NorbertFe: I'm not sure if its Supported. We will have Multiple Internet Connections to Multiple Offices, though Its just Hardware and Backups that we are trying to make a smaller footprint.

Having it all in the Cloud would make that 'Easier' since all of my Tech people are based out of one office.

by scooter133 11 months ago
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Btw. its supported:

The only supported way to send email to external domains from Azure compute resources is through an SMTP relay (otherwise known as an SMTP smart host). The Azure compute resource sends the email message to the SMTP relay, and then the SMTP relay provider delivers the message to the external domain. Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is one provider of a SMTP relay, but a number of third-party providers also offer this service.

So this seems not to solve your problem and you do have to go without Vamsoft ORF in the future. :|


by NorbertFe 11 months ago


I spun up an Old 2008 Server and Installed SMTP on it, changed some DNS Entries for the Domains and was able to send/receive email through it when we lost our Head-end server connection in a fire.

by scooter133 11 months ago

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