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I am running ORF on my Windows 2008 server with Exchange 2010.
The ORF SQL database resides on my other Windows 2008 SQL Server.
I just built a Windows 2012 R2 SQL Cluster servers.
I want to move the ORF SQL database to the SQL Cluster
Is there a ORF procedure available to do this?
I know SQL I can detach the database then move it and all that.
What in ORF do I need to do to make it point to another SQL server?

Thank you in advance

by trgrassijr 5 years ago

@trgrassijr: Hello trgrassijr,

Once you have moved/recreated the ORF database on the new SQL server, you just need to update the ODBC connection string(s) in ORF. ORF has four tests which rely on databases: the 'Auto Sender Whitelist' test, the 'Greylisiting' test, the 'DHA Protection Test', and the 'Honeypot Test'. You have to configure each test separately:

1. Start the ORF Administration Tool and connect to the local or a remote instance
2. Navigate to the 'Whitelists > Auto Sender Whitelist' / 'Blacklists > Greylisting' / 'Blacklists > DHA Protection Test' / 'Blacklists > Honeypot Test' page
3. Click the 'Database' button
4. Select the External SQL Server radio button and click the 'Configure' button
5. In the connection string field, update the values of the 'Data Source=' (or 'Server=') parameter with the new [SERVERIP],[PORT] (or ''[SERVERNAME]\[INSTANCENAME]') SQL server info.
6. Finally, test the connection string by clicking the 'Test Connection' button.

Once you are done, save the ORF confgiuration (Ctrl + S or 'File > Save Configuration') to apply the new settings.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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