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it looks like they now have a NEW DNS server that may stop bad domains i wonder how well it works with ORF

the DNS is



by Stephen 1 year ago

Hello Stephen,

You should not use public DNS resolvers (or ISP DNS servers) in ORF, such as Google's or Quad9 ( These servers aggregate traffic from many sources and may get banned for exceeding the free traffic limitations imposed by many DNS Blacklists and SURBLs, resulting in diminished spam filtering performance in ORF.

You could still use Quad9 as a third-party DNS resolution service in your network, firewall, router (etc), though.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago

FYI - Spamhaus and UriBL have paid datafeeds that are quite reasonable. If you use a public DNS server as a forwarder it is worth the investment.

by mike.galbicka 1 year ago

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