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I have a system with ORF 5.0, lets say my domain is and it is getting hit hard with self spam from my own domain. So I went to AWS > Settings > Check Exceptions, check the box, and Edit list,
added my domain: * and set it to a wildcard expr. I test an address and it works in the test box.

but I am still getting tons of outside spam from that are showing as whitelisted by aws. I have even gone on to blacklist my own domain, but messages are still coming through. I have saved and restarted the orf service.

Any ideas?

by john.hyde 2 years ago

@john.hyde: I found the issue, someone whitelisted our domain using the "Send to" feature in the log, and it was sitting un-seen in Pending submissions, found this on the File menu in the admin.

by john.hyde 2 years ago
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@john.hyde: Thank you for the update John. I am glad to hear that you found the source of the problem.

As you have already noticed, the items in the "Pending Submissions Queue" must be approved (or rejected) before they get built into the configuration - this is why you cannot see these items in the configuration immediately. The ORF Service, however, will start to use the new "rules" right away. You can learn more about this feature at

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago
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