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it literally takes 30 minutes (or close to it) on exchange2016. (it seemed much faster on my old exchange 2010 though. like 10 minutes)

senderwhiter list is 42k entries long.
senderblacklist is 6813 entries
keyword whitelist is 158 entries thereabouts.

by christopher.low 3 years ago

Hello Christopher,

ORF lists are not designed to hold a large number of items, because they are not particularly useful ORF's filtering model and the save time grows exponentially with the number of items. Normally, this is barely noticable, but for an excessive number of items - such as in your case - the time required may be really long. If you actually need close to 50.000 blacklist/whitelist entries to properly filter the incoming emails, that is a good indication of less than optimal settings and it might be time to review your ORF configuration. This usually results in a few improvement suggestions that you can use to boost ORF's filtering performance - and to get rid of tens of thousands of manual list items. If you agree, please send us (to ) a few recent ORF log files and your configuration file (see „a few tips to get things fixed faster” at http://vamsoft.com/customer-service) for analysis.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago

I sent an email, i'm not sure if you received it (no rejection message seen). 18mb (gave you a month of logs)

by christopher.low 3 years ago

@christopher.low: I am afraid we have not received it. Considering the size of the email, there is a good chance it has bounce off of our mail server (5MBs max). Could you resend it please with the attachments compressed?

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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ok done. i sent you one via normal mail with just a week of logs. and 18mb compressed of a month of logs via wetransfer.com

by christopher.low 3 years ago

@christopher.low: Thank you Chris. We have received it this time.

One week of logs should be plenty :)

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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quick question. my sender whitelist is filling up obviously (eg: I block all of yahoo/gmail etc, but whitelist those accepted because we are not just b2b but b2c occasionally)

instead of (from orf log viewer), what if we can populate the auto sender whitelist instead eg: quick send this email address to auto sender whitelist ?

eg: with those gmail/public email addresses. i do not want to talk to them all the time, eventually they expire after a month of non contact. but during the initial contact, they might be (insurer/third party relationship and we are not in a position to "reply all" yet) as such third party emails are still caught in the spam bucket until its whitelisted.

-- in anycase, just a suggestion, otherwise one way around it is to setup the aswl as a sql server db then populate it manually from the sender whitelist and cull the sender whitelist every 3-6 months---

by Chris Low 2 years ago

@Chris Low: Thank you for your suggestion Chris. I will forward your idea to our developers for consideration.

However, you could automate the whole thing with a script actually. The sender whitelist entries are stored under [SenderWhiteList_OL] in the ORF configuration file called 'orfent.ini', so you just need to set up a scheduled task to extract them, format them and load the results into the ASWL table of your SQL database.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago
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