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I am trying to find an automated way to publish on my company intranet some statistics from ORF.

Ideally I would like the total number of messages and spam ratio for the previous day.

Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

by David 9 years ago

@David: As the ORF statistics are stored in the memory and they are written in the orfstat.dat file only when the ORF Service is reinitialized (e.g. the configuration is saved or the service is stopped/restarted), I'm afraid it is not possible to extract reliable information from this file.

However, you may try using our Log Provider (http://www.vamsoft.com/logprovider/) which parses the ORF logs into SQL, then you could create statisitics from those data and display that on the intranet site. We have no ready-to-use solution for this, but the web report demo might be a good starting point.

The formula to calculate the spam ratio is

(BeforeArrival.Blocked + OnArrival.Blocked) / (OnArrival.Allowed + BeforeArrival.Blocked + OA.Blocked) * 100

Assuming the following values are used:

BA.Blocked = 2
OA.Blocked = 3
OA.Allowed = 5

The system spam ratio would be 2 + 3 / (5 + 3 + 2) * 100 = 50, i.e. 50%.

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago
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Thank you.

That should give me just what I need.

by David 9 years ago

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