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Good day!

How can I block fishing links, such as
with ORF?

by rodas 2 years ago

Such as:

> >

by rodas 2 years ago

a href="http:/" http:/ /a

by rodas 2 years ago

Hello rodas,

You might try to define a complex regular expression to match certain hyperlinks and add it to the Keyword Blacklist of ORF, but I do not see how you could create one that would not match legitimate emails as well, considering that the destination address and the link text often differs in hyperlinks.

Instead, I would suggest making sure that your ORF installation is configured properly and it is checking the emails against the recommended SURBLs (and DNS Blacklists) - which are online lists of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) hosts, typically website domains that have been observed in unsolicited messages.

For configuration tips, please consult our Bests Practices guide ( and make sure that your DNSBL and SURBL selection is up-to-date as well (

If you have any questions, just let know.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago

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