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anyone have an example of using the ORF 'tag message header' feature with an Exchange 2007 transport rule? i'm a stuck on the 'predicate' part of the rule. what header field does ORF write the specified text to?

thank you

by Carlos H. 8 years ago

@Carlos H.: Check out this blog entry regarding this:

The blog entry discusses how to add an SCL value based on the default subject tag [SPAM] that ORF places on spam emails. As for transport rules on other header fields, you want to look at the HeaderContains or HeaderMatches predicates at .

By default, header tagging is disabled in ORF. You can enable it under Configuration / Tests - On Arrival / Actions in the Administration Tool.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 8 years ago
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thanks for the quick reply Peter, i'll check it out and post my findings here

by Miguel Amador 8 years ago

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