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why does email show up in the log viewer as Blacklisted but STILL goes to inbox?

by Jaxon 3 years ago

@Jaxon: ANYONE???????

by Jaxon 3 years ago
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@Jaxon: Hello Jaxon,

Unless your ORF installation is configured to simply 'tag' and accept the blacklisted emails (see Filtering Actions: http://vamsoft.com/support/docs/orf-help/5.4/adm-oa-actions-settings), no blacklisted email should show up in the recipients' inbox. Once an email is blacklisted by ORF, it cannot be whitelisted by another test at a later point. Are you sure that you found the correct event record in the logs?

If so, please send us the following (to ) for analysis:

1. A brief description of the system setup (e.g. Exchange version, Server OS, front-end/back-end mail servers, non-transparent firewalls, other software involved in email filtering, etc.).

2. The configuration file called 'orfent.ini'. It can be found in the ORF program directory, (default: \Program Files (x86)\ORF Fusion).

3. The ORF log file from the day of the incident. It has a .log extension (e.g. orfee-2016-07-26.log) and can be found on the configured ORF logging path (default: \Program Files (x86)\ORF Fusion).

4. The blacklisted email that made it through to the inbox.

Once I have the above details, I will be able to answer your question.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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