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We have had ORF setup for quite some time on our one and only MX record. It was recently upgraded to ORF Fusion 5.4 and I imported the new DNS and SURBL block lists. This is on our DMZ and is a MS Exchange 2010 setup in the “Edge” role. We have one Exchange 2010 server with the other roles on the LAN. Now it’s time to setup a secondary MX and I want ORF on it.

It seems like what I need to do is setup a second server and have it subscribe to the first server. But before I do this I need to setup an external database. I would like to keep this database on the Primary MX “Edge” server to minimize communication needs from the DMZ to LAN, but it can be put on the LAN if needed. We have a great working config using the built-in database.

Should I setup an external database on the Primary MX server running ORF?
How can I export our building database(s) to this external database?

Thanks for a great product!

by Derwood 3 years ago

Woops ... "building databases(s)" should be "built-in databases(s)".

by Derwood 3 years ago

@Derwood: Hello Derwood,

You may set up an external database on any of your servers. As long as ORF can connect to it, the location of the database should make no difference. Regarding your second question, you can migrate the contents of the existing 'private local database' to an 'external database' using our Database Converter Tool:

Once you have the SQL server up and running, you should reconfigure the four ORF tests that rely on databases (DHA Protection, Greylisting, Honeypot and the Auto Sender Whitelist):

I hope the above proves helpful to you, but if you need any other information, please let me know.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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