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Is it possible to use conditional forwarders using the internal DNS in ORF 5.4? We subscribe to a DNS blacklist that we had to create some conditional forwarding to since they filter by IP address of the originating DNS request. Since we upgraded to the latest version and changed our configuration to let ORF handle DNS resolution with its built in resolver this has stopped working.

by paul.appleby2 3 years ago

@paul.appleby2: Hello Paul,

It is not possible to use conditional forwarders with ORF's built-in DNS resolver. It was designed specifically to work without the help of a dedicated DNS server. When enabled, each lookup is performed by ORF and the originating IP of the DNS request will reflect this accordingly.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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Hi Paul,
I guess changing the DNS resolution back to pre-5.4 behaviour shoud solve your problem.


by NorbertFe 3 years ago

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