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Hi All,
I have files of this type dating back to 2006 on my server - what is the official way to clean these up please.


by Barry George 8 years ago

@Barry George: You can simply delete them manually, but I'd keep the .ppr files in case you ever want to create reports from this time period. You can also configure ORF to delete the .opg files automatically once they are preprocessed (i.e., the matching .ppr files are present). For detailed information about these files, please read our FAQ entry at

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
(in reply to this post)


Thanks - sorry I missed the FAQ...

by Barry George 8 years ago

@Barry George: No problem, I am glad I could help :)

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
(in reply to this post)

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