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Using the ORF log viewer, if i select an entry, and then right click i can do a quick send of the senders ip to the ip whitelist.

I can not however find a way then to remove that ip from the whitelist. If i look in the Ip whitelist its blank, if i select export whitelist it doesn't as its empty (which is correct).
However the emails are being accepted and tagged Whitelisted by the IP Whitelist. Filter comment:

Is there a way to remove ip's sent to the whitelist via quicksend?


by xtruss 4 years ago

@xtruss: Hello Russell,

When you send an item from the Log Viewer to a Whitelist or Blacklist, the ORF Service will start to use it immediately and place it into a submission queue at the same time. The item will not appear on the specified list (e.g. IP Whitelist), unless you "Approve" the submission. Of course, you have the option to "Reject" an item as well, in this case the ORF Service will stop using it and the item will be removed from the submission queue.

To see the list of "Pending Submissions" click 'File > Pending Submissions' in the ORF Administration Tool (or click the 'Notifications' button on the Toolbar).

Please make sure that you save the configuration to apply the changes.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 4 years ago
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@Daniel Novak (Vamsoft): Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply.


by xtruss 4 years ago
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