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I've had a couple of these issues recently - can't find anything in the KB though...

On Arrival error: Unexpected exception EEngineError "Error EAccessViolation updating the MIME information: Access violation at address 75BA9B60 in module 'msvcrt.dll'. Read of
address 0163F000".

Any idea?

by simon.rochester 3 years ago

Hello Simon,

This is an extremely rare error caused by a bug in one of the Windows components (CDOSYS) which ORF uses to parse emails. Even though the error was logged by ORF, it was definitely not caused by it. Certain heavily malformed emails may trigger this error, but it usually occurs for a few emails only and then it goes away as the spammer fixes the email format.

Unless you receive other errors, you probably should not worry about it.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 years ago

Thanks - I'll keep my eye on it.

by simon.rochester 3 years ago

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