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I have Vamsoft's MSSQL configuration docs. I was wondering if anyone has done any experimentation on Pervasive (Actian) PSQL server? I have a clustered server set that requires PSQL so I have the licenses for that but I don't have MSSQL. MSSQL Advanced doesn't support Cluster so I would have to buy MSSQL STD for 10K...


by robert.danis2 3 years ago

@robert.danis2: Hello,

We did not test ORF with PSQL specifically, but I think it is very likely that it will work. Database connectivity in ORF is based on Windows ADO, so provided PSQL has OLEDB or ODBC drivers, this should be a non-issue. We also issue only very simple CRUD commands, so as long as ANSI SQL is supported this should work, too. From what I gather, PSQL satisfies both requirements and although there may be other issues, I think it is worth a try.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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Thanks for you reply, I'll give it a test.

by robert.danis2 3 years ago

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