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I am getting an SPF error with the emeralddoors.co.uk domain though it seems to pass any other SPF validation.
As there are no specific server IPs listed in the SPF 'v=spf1 +a +mx -all' is ORF being a little too fussy?

by simon.rochester 3 years ago

@simon.rochester: Hello Simon,

That SPF policy syntactically valid and the DNS references it contains all check out. What kind of error you get exactly?

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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@Péter Karsai (Vamsoft): Blacklisted by the SPF Test (sender forged per policy of "emeralddoors.co.uk", SPF result: Fail).

by simon.rochester 3 years ago
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@simon.rochester: Hello Simon,

Can you please tell me the IP address from the Related IP column of the log for this event? It could be either that the IP did violate the SPF policy of emeralddoors.co.uk or your Intermediate Host List is missing a secondary MX or front-end.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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@Péter Karsai (Vamsoft): Related IP -
I have no idea what that server is, although NSLOOKUP says c2beaomr07.btconnect.com, why should that be the related IP?

by simon.rochester 3 years ago
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@simon.rochester: Simon,

It is because the email arrived from that IP address (as far as ORF knows), so ORF evaluated that IP address against the SPF policy of the sender. The SPF policy of emeralddoors.co.uk does not allow to send emails in their name, so the email was considered forged and got blacklisted accordingly.

If this IP does not ring a bell to you (i.e. it's not your secondary MX or front-end), then it was either an unintentional or deliberate forgery.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 3 years ago
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I guess that explains that then :)
Though I have no idea how that IP managed to be the senders IP.

Thanks for the clarification :)

by simon.rochester 3 years ago

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