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Say I were to implement ORF Fusion with the “Per User” model for one of my clients.
There are about 15-20 employees at my client’s business, all of which have email, but only a few of them actually want spam filtering.
If I select the smallest option of 10 users, how would I select which mailboxes get filtering enabled and which do not?
While I am somewhat familiar with this great filtering software, I’m a bit unclear as to how this works. I haven't found any information or options within ORF regarding this topic.



by Catalyst 4 years ago

there can be whitelisted recipients. (ie: all spam sent to them will reach them).

as for licensing, I would defer to vamsoft.

by christopher.low 4 years ago

@Catalyst: Sorry, we forgot to post an update here that this was answered in email. Whitelisted recipients are the way to go.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 4 years ago
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