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Big hello to everyone, not been on here for quite a while, possible not since the ORF 4 betas.
Running ORF 5.3. since updating ClamAV-amd64 windows port to version 0.98.4 from 0.98 I'm seeing the following error in the ORF logs:-
"External Agent "ClamAV Daemon For Windows" reported error (exit code 2, comment "ClamAV error"). Taking no action. Agent output: "ERROR: Unknown option passedERROR: Can't parse command line options"."
This error doesn't happen if I downgrade ClamAV to 0.98, only on 0.98.4
The issue appears to be the "--config-file=" option.
For now I've taken that option out of the ORF external agent definition and everything seems to be OK.

Peter Lawton

by o.lawton 4 years ago

@o.lawton: Hi Peter, and thanks, we will look into this and update the agent definition accordingly.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 4 years ago
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