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Hi all,
I'm testing ORF Fusion on EX2010 and Win2008R2.
For first two days all was running smoothly but since yesterday Log Viewer is struggling to open current log file for the day.
It just sits there with box 'Loading log files, please wait ...' and at the bottom of the screen I see Processign log file and path to orfee-2014-09-24.log
I have the software running in Test mode. Log files are small, under 3mb for previous days. For today log is 300kb so far.

Any suggestions welcome as they will affect our decision with going ahead with the purchase.

by tomasz.sokolowski 5 years ago

Also, when I try to cancel that 'please wait' message ... I'm getting another box which is also stuck ... 'cencelling log loading'
I then can't close the log viewer window and I have to kill it with task manager.

by tomasz.sokolowski 5 years ago

@tomasz.sokolowski: Could you send us the following files please to :

• The .log files which the Log Viewer is unable to load (located in Program Files (x86)\ ORF Fusion by default)
• Your Log Viewer configuration file called orfelogv.ini and the main configuration file orfent.ini (located in the same folder)
• If possible, please send us your system info file, which can be obtained by running 'msinfo32' from Start menu --> Run. Save as .nfo.

We will look into this.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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