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This is a new one on me. I installed ORF Fusion 5.3 and it seems to be working except I can't do anything out of the logs. Quick Add, or just add, never makes it to the Admin tool. It doesn't matter if it's a sender block, IP blacklist, whitelist entry, whatever. You click add (or quick add) and tell it what you want but it never makes an entry in the admin tool.

I've tried it with the admin tool open and closed, no difference either way.

by MrCliffyG 5 years ago

@MrCliffyG: This is by design: items sent remotely from the Log Viewer Tool are added to the Pending Remote Control Submissions dialog first (File | Pending Submissions in the main menu of the Administration Tool) and will appear in the Administration Tool only after approval.

The ORF Service takes these entries into account when filtering emails (so if you have added a sender address to the Sender Whitelist remotely, emails from that sender will be whitelisted immediately), but the entries do not show up in the Admin Tool until they are approved.

We know this could be a little confusing at first and we aim to address this one way or another in the upcoming ORF version. The reason it works like this because incorporating these items to the active configuration requires reinitialization, which could be resource-intensive sometimes, so ORF is designed to do that only when it is absolutely necessary (i.e., when you save the configuration after tweaking it in the Administration Tool). Also, if the configuration is edited concurrently by two or more admins, automatic reinitialization triggered by one user would overwrite the changes applied by the other.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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