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I created a simple filter which excludes two seperate IP ranges using and used CIDR notation to define the subnet mask. Both addresses have the "invert rule" checked. After refreshing the view with the filter applied, I see records in the log with addresses that match the ranges which are supposed to exclude those records.

Here's a link showing you an example:


by kris.jankiewicz 4 years ago

If I remove one of the ranges from the filter it works. It seems that it will only filter out a single IP range. As soon as I add another IP range to the filter, both ranges show up in the log.

by kris.jankiewicz 4 years ago

@kris.jankiewicz: Because of the "OR" relation, this combination will match every IP address (i.e., the ones not matching the first rule and the ones not matching the second rule). As the Log Viewer does not support changing the logical relation from OR to AND when multiple IP ranges are added, you should add three separate rules instead as a workaround, like so:

The Related IP Address
..is in range
..is in range
..is in range

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 4 years ago
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