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Hello! I have a problem:
While looking at the ORF Log Viewer i see some ip blocked,
so i right click mouse and add it to White IP List
But when i am looking at the Administration Tool i don't see this entrty, even after program restart.
How should i fix this ?
Thank you

by emoxam 6 years ago


just click on the notifications button (right beside the save configurations button) and accept the whitelist entry there.


by NorbertFe 6 years ago

@emoxam: The entries sent from the Log Viewer will be considered by the ORF service immediately when you add them from the Log Viewer (i.e., they will be part of the active configuration and start blacklisting/whitelisiting emails right away), however, they will appear in the Administration Tool only after you approve them in the Pending Remote Control Submissions dialog.

To invoke this dialog, select File | Pending submissions... in the main menu, or click the Notification icon in the toolbar and click View Pending Submissions.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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Got it. Thanks.

by emoxam 6 years ago

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