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My orf is currently going to our ISP dns servers. I saw its not recommended and to use local dns servers. Our local ones are on the DC's which is also not recommneded by ORF. Microsoft doesn't recommend installing a dns server on Exchange either. So this basically means creating a seperate stand alone server for dns which I prefer not to do just yet. So of the 3 options not recommended, which is best?


by jean.davis 5 years ago

@jean.davis: I'd recommend using the local ones on the DC's in your case: those may be problematic only if your local and public domain names are the same.

If your internal AD domain name is the same as your public domain name (e.g., domain.com, instead of domain.local or domain.internal), ORF may receive different DNS information than the publicly available (e.g., when checking your MX and A/CNAME record). This may cause false positives or other issues.


by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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