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The SORBS-DUHL database was corrupted and lots of good IP address where blacklisted for being Dynamic - IPs. Found this out the hard way as we started to get a lot of rejection notices.

See for details.

My question is - can I setup my Blacklist check so that an IP address must be on two list in order to be rejected?


by Matt Reed 8 years ago

@Matt Reed: Matt,

Ouch - thanks for letting us know. I just woke up, but I will be in the office in an hour and do what I can.

As for your question, it is not possible to implement such check in ORF. I recommend turning off SORBS temporarily in the configuration - it is possible to disable only the affected zone in ORF, but better safe than sorry.

by Peter Karsai 8 years ago
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@Matt Reed: Matt,

Judging from the updates, SORBS have emptied the affected DUHL zone, so the issue no longer persist. I am not sure what was the scope exactly - we also use SORBS and I have found no related false positives in our email in the past 48 hours.

We will post a summary of the issue soon.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 8 years ago
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