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I have a collection of e-mail addresses that are spam.
How to import a list of addresses (domains) of the file (csv, txt, etc.) to the Sender Address Blacklist?


by tomasz.woźniak 6 years ago

@tomasz.woźniak: Short answer: don't do it :)

Long answer: please consider that ORF was designed to rely on automated tests like the DNS Blacklist Test and SURBL Test to catch spam, instead of relying on manual lists. Manual lists require a lot of work to maintain, and you will get little (or no) results by adding senders to the blacklist each time a spam slips through filtering (spammers constantly change the sender address and they often use bogus domains, or spoof legitimate domains).Also, if you add hundreds of entries, it makes the maintenance of these manual lists very difficult.

If ORF is configured properly, it will catch about 94-99% of spam emails with no manual interaction required and with no false positives. If your catch rate is well below that, it is recommended to read our best practices guide (

If you want to import the list of the addresses despite the above, you can do so by right clicking in the Sender Blacklists (Administration Tool: Blacklists / Sender Blacklist) and selecting "Import list...". Alternatively, you can do this from the menu, select File | Import | Sender blacklist...

In case the list of email addresses is in a TXT file, the addresses must be separated by line breaks (domain names should be prefixed with a * wildcard):

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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