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Hello. Эта проблема уже обсуждалась, но решения так и не нашлось.

We use Microsoft Exchange 2007 + ORF 4.4 and constantly observe a similar problem: "An email whose sender is whitlisted - shows up in the ORF logs as "Whitelist" on the filtering point "Before Arrival" and then never appears again.Should it not be listed twice, Before and On arrival?"


The screenshot shows that some subscribers only one entry in the log. Antivirus is not installed. On Exchange all anti-spam features are disabled. In Microsoft Exchange - Message Tracking Results - the is no listing of any email from that Address.

Where could be the problem?

by maxim.grinin 5 years ago

@maxim.grinin: ORF examines the email transmission at two stages of the SMTP Transport, after the RCPT TO: command has been issued by the sender server (Before Arrival filtering point) and at the end of the DATA/BDAT stage, when the entire email has been transferred (On Arrival filtering point).

The fact that there are no On Arrival entries in the log indicates the SMTP transmission was terminated in between the two stages: it could have been done by either the sender server or yours.

Are the ORF Transport Agents configured to filter before other Transport Agents on your server?


Do you have SMTP protocol logging enabled? If so, what does it indicate?


by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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