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Need some guidance with regex. We have two email address formats; and . The numbers on the second example range from 00-99. I would like to blacklist all senders that have any number between 00-99 at the end of their username before the Many thanks.

by Quilliby 6 years ago

@Quilliby: In that case, the regex would be


This means "any characters, any number of repetitions; followed by 2 digits; followed by, end of string". Note that "any characters, any number of repetitions" includes digits as well, so this will also match "". If the username part preceding the 2 digits should allow only letters (no numbers, dots, dashes, underscores, etc.), try


If letters, dashes, dots, underscores are allowed in the username part, preceding the 2 digits, try:


by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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