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Anyone has a regex to blacklist russian utf8 spam? I can't block utf8 charset since its being used by legitimate senders.

yet I seem to be getting alot of russian spam that gets through on a daily basis (accepted).

by christopher.low 5 years ago

@christopher.low: Try the following:


It blocks all emails which has any characters from the following Unicode code blocks:

Cyrillic: U+0400–U+04FF, 256 characters
Cyrillic Supplement: U+0500–U+052F, 48 characters
Cyrillic Extended-A: U+2DE0–U+2DFF, 32 characters
Cyrillic Extended-B: U+A640–U+A69F, 96 characters
Phonetic Extensions: U+1D2B, U+1D78, 2 Cyrillic characters

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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