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From the start of using orf 5.1 got problem with graylisting test. It looks that the new senders get not a temporary reject 4x , but a 5x error, so the sender's server never tries to re-deliver email. The config we are using is ex10 hub,cas,mbx + ex10 edge with orf on it. All spam tests integrated in edge are off. Could you help me... and sorry for my english :)

by ivan d. 5 years ago


does this affect every sender, or just specific ones? You can see the 4x or 5x respond in ORF Fusion logfiles. There are few senders which can not deal with greylisting, so maybe you have to do a greylist exception based on IP-ranges or Sender Domains.


by NorbertFe 5 years ago

@NorbertFe: Hi,
I solved the problem yesterday :) The trouble was somewhere in exchange , after I changed the priorities as in this article - , gray-listing started to work as it should be...

Thank you!

by ivan d. 5 years ago
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@ivan d.: when an email is greylisted, ORF sends an 4.x.x SMTP response, indicating a temporary rejection (well, unless you changed the default setting). If the problem was solved by re-prioritizing the Transport Agents, I guess it was another agent causing the rejections, and not ORF. Anyway, glad to hear the problem has been solved :)

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 5 years ago
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