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Hi All
wonder if anyone can help with this. We use Vipre Antivirus on our Server, and it keeps reporting that it has blocked a file, and this is from ORF:

D:\Orf Test Agents\sce-E824E740B9A79EAA36DB05D8A26ABB57.eml

Can anyone tell me if this is a genuine file and that Vipre is thinking its a virus, or it is in fact a virus threat. We have had around 10 block like this in the last 24 hours.


by sean.sylvester 6 years ago

@sean.sylvester: This file is a temporary copy of an incoming email file, which is created by ORF and used for the External Agent test. As incoming emails may be virus carrier emails, these could be infected, but pose no threat (as ORF automatically deletes them immediately after the test is finished).

Resident antivirus scanners may lock/delete this file before ORF could run the External Agent test and delete the temporary file used for the test, that is what happens in this case. Please note that you should exclude the folder you specified for the temporary files from resident antivirus scanning, otherwise the External Agent test will not work:

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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