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Hi all
We are having upwards of 50 emails a day with .zip attachments, these attachments are around 12k in size and are malicious. subjects vary from:

you received a new debit
fwd case...
important attached form

We cannot block .zip files from within ORF as we do have genuine customers that do email artwork as .zip

Is there anything I can do to email that have .zip files that are say 20k or below in size?

any help would be much appreciated.


by sean.sylvester 6 years ago

@sean.sylvester: Since ORF focuses on spam, its attachment filtering capabilities are limited, such complex rules are not supported (which examines the file size and attachment type at the same time).

These should be caught/handled by the email filtering feature of your resident anti-virus software. You may also give the ClamAV External Agent a try to drop infected emails (, but having an anti-virus software installed which monitors the inbound/outbound email flow is a must.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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We replace all ZIP attachments using ORF and we just make sure approved senders of ZIP files via email are in the Sender Whitelist. Just be sure that Attachment Filtering is not selected in Test-Tests-Configure.

by paul.appleby 6 years ago

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