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I am getting about 6-10 of these getting past ORF a day. The sender and subjects are like this:

Enlargement supplement Free trial
Free Sample enlargement
Get BIGGER with Promo
Enlargement supplement Sample

I am using SpamHaus as one of my Blacklists

I can literally check the ORF log right when the SPAM gets through to get the IP of the sender and check Spamhaus and it IS on their list. For some reason ORF is not blocking it for some reason.

Here is an example IP of on of them

If I look it up on Spamhaus I see that its blocked via at that time (now its blocked by more)

I do have checked off in my Spamhaus options.

Anyone know what is going on?

Could it be the limitation tab? what is that for?


by jonathan.habers 6 years ago

@jonathan.habers: Are there any messages in the log which indicate that the lookup could not be performed (e.g., SERVFAIL RCODE2 errors)? Does your DNS server meet all requirements (i.e., is it a local DNS server with no forwarders configured: http://vamsoft.com/r?o-hto-adm-dns)?

I am not sure I understand your question regarding the limitation tab, could you clarify please? The DNS blacklist settings dialog do not have such tab.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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