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This is likely unrelated to ORF but since you all run Exchange, I thought you might be able to help me. I run an Exchange 2007 server at my house for mail for me and my family and of course it includes ORF - I've been a beta / alpha tester since practically the beginning. Anyway, a few months ago I started seeing this issue where the Exchange transport service would kinda hang - if I tried to telnet to it, the connection would time out but I could see that the service was still running and there's no errors in the event viewer. restarting the transport service fixed it. this started happening multiple times per day which of course was annoying. Then it just magically went away... and stayed away for a month or so. then I installed windows updates yesterday and it's back :( Anyone else ever see this problem and solve it? I'm running Exchange 2007 on Windows Server Enterprise. oh and I thought how about I just use the scheduler to schedule a command to restart the transport service periodically - problem was most of the time (when it's not actually "hung") it will fail to stop then of course not start and I'd have to kill it...

by jhoff 5 years ago

Sounds like Exchange Backpressure Problem. you should verify diskspace on the volume where you placed the Queue database.
Take a look here:


by NorbertFe 5 years ago

@NorbertFe: Yeah, that's what I thought too and will look at it again (I haven't seen that particular article / page) but I don't have the symptoms - messages aren't getting actively rejected and I don't see event viewer errors (I will look again but I wasn't before). Also, if I do a netstat on the server, there are LOTS of established connections as well as in time_wait when this occurs and is left to persist for awhile. Pretty sure I'm not losing mail thankfully but I'm not entirely sure.

by jhoff 5 years ago
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Oh and there's plenty of disk space as well.

by jhoff 5 years ago

@jhoff: So what patchlevel is your exchangeserver at?

by NorbertFe 5 years ago
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@NorbertFe: I've installed all of the available windows updates. Looks like it's 8.3 (Build 83.6)

by jhoff 5 years ago
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@jhoff: I should also probably mention the server it's running on is the only server in my network so it's the DC, DHCP, DNS...

by jhoff 5 years ago
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Have you installed any additional security (e.g. AV) Software? Either for Server and/or Exchange?


by NorbertFe 5 years ago

@NorbertFe: Yes - I have AVG for exchange and have the latest version. Pretty sure I tried disabling it which didn't help. Didn't try uninstalling tho.

by jhoff 5 years ago
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I would give that a try and uninstall that. Btw. which OS are you running? Windows 2003, 2008 or 2008R2? Easiest way to find out the actual patchlevel is to look at the installed updates in Windows Updates. Latest for Exchange 2007 is Service Pack 3 with Rollup Package 2.


by NorbertFe 5 years ago

@NorbertFe: OS is Windows 2008, Exchange looks to be Service Pack 3 w/ Update Rollup 11 (I see that was installed on 8/14/2013.

by jhoff 5 years ago
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Arg, yes we're talking about Exchange 2007. ;) Than it's Rollup 11. ;)

by NorbertFe 5 years ago

Thanks for your help :) Going to try uninstalling AVG or at least disabling the anti-spam plugin as I don't use it anyway (too many false positives). I do see there have been reports of similar although not exactly the same issues in the past w/ AVG.

by jhoff 5 years ago

I should also mention that the issue seems to eventually resolve itself - if I don't restart the transport service, it eventuzlly starts accepting mail again after several hours.

by jhoff 5 years ago

I uninstalled the anti-spam plugin using a script (I have the details if anyone's interested) and that (fingers crossed) seems to have solved it. The anti-spam plugin was disabled via the UI already...

by jhoff 5 years ago

@NorbertFe: And thanks Norbert for leading me in the right direction :)

by jhoff 5 years ago
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@jhoff: please can you send the script, as i seem to be having the same problem.

many thanks. Giddy

by giddyuk 4 years ago
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@giddyuk - Sorry for the late response - do you still need this? I'll have to dig it up from the web again.

by jhoff 4 years ago

@jhoff: Do you still have this script, I am having this issue now.

by ALS 6 months ago
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Wow - 4 years ago. Sorry, I barely recall this problem and no longer run ORF or Exchange.

by jhoff 6 months ago

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