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I was having major server issues on my SBS 2008 Server, so it trouble shooting it with Microsoft Tech Support, we uninstalled ORF. Now things are back to normal and I would like to get the ORF running again. But, when I install it, I get this error and cannot go forward because the service will not start.

Could not retrieve URL. Error 12029"A Connection with the servers could not be established."

Any help would be much appreciated!

by DJ Grieb 9 years ago

@DJ Grieb: Could you tell us please when and where do you receive this error message exactly? A screenshot would also be appreciated.

I assume you get this when you start the Administration Tool, and ORF tries to check if there is a more recent version on our site. This lookup may fail due to network connection problems or due to configuration issues (you can check this under Help | Update Check Configuration...)

This will not prevent the ORF Service from starting though, so I think you are facing two separate problems. Are there any error messages in the ORF logs or the Windows Event Log about the failed service start?

by Krisztian Fekete (ORF Team) 9 years ago
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